Sorcerer, Sexual Deviant, Adrenaline Junkie


Eden, a halfling, was born outside of a small township north of Aracben to a family of dairy farmers. She quickly made a name for herself and her family’s business. She was a pretty terrible milk maid but her “customer service” was spectacular (and though she may not have been the best at milking, Eden knew her way around mammaries.)

Her family, however, did not appreciate her special skills and at the age of 16 she was sent to the Temple of Light to act as a temple prostitute. It was agreed by all who worshiped through her that she did indeed brought them closer to the gods.

During her time at the temple, she became close (but not THAT close) to Shyla, whom she nicknamed La-la. Eden found Shyla’s unique ability to make everyone around her extremely uncomfortable, hilarious and eventually developed a strong protective attitude towards her. It was through her that Eden met a mystic who blessed/cursed her with the knowledge of the exact day she would die.

“Fuck this shit! I can do anything I want with a guarantee that I wont die (until then)? Why am I wasting my time here?”

Eden left the temple when she was 19, becoming a sorcerer and a pit fighter- really just looking for anything that would serve as an adrenaline rush. Once again, she made a name for herself- this time in pit fighting. (Though her pre-fight and post-fight “rituals” with her adoring fans also increased her popularity.) The majority of rules in modern pit fighting were created in reaction to her extreme and reckless techniques. But hey, she won right?

She turned to adventuring-for-hire once the new rules began to restrict her.

“Screw that. I’ll go where my talents will actually be appreciated. Besides, there are exotic girls in other lands that haven’t met me yet.”

Occasionally, Eden takes Shyla with her on her jobs (since La-la had been “enthusiastically encouraged” to leave the temple). They’re currently in the same party.

Among her other party members, Eden is fascinated by Bunwing’s familiar, Abraxas, the most. She’s going crazy trying to figure out if they’re a male or a female. She’s gotten to the point where she really doesn’t care. Eden’s determined tap that no matter what’s underneath those pants.


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