The Flying Blue Ball of Fury


Bunwing, A blue, female, Giant Angora rabbit,equipped with batwings and the ability to disappear at will. Her Wizard familiar Abraxas, half-elf, tall of indeterminant gender, long dark hair and green eyes.


Bunwing got her start as the familiar of a very experimental master Wizard. Through a series of magical hijinks and mishaps she turned from white to blue, grew a pair of majestic bat wings and gained the power to go into Cheshire mode making her impossible to see whenever she pleased. The most strange by far, however, was in his quest to become closer to his familiar, the Wizard accidentally reversed the binding that kept Bunwing forever at his side and bestowed her with the power to control him (and other Wizards) as her familiar. Bunwing, half-mad from the pain of the experiments and whipped into a raging frenzy from this new power of control, sent the Wizard plunging to his doom down the side of a wind-battered cliff face. You could hear her squeals of glee from miles around.

The Three caught wind of the events that transpired that night and hired Bunwing to be their agent. Many years of mutually beneficial service ensued. On one of her missions she ran afoul of the Wizard Abraxas who was tasked with protecting a certain item of power one of The Three wanted to get their claws on. She/he was proving to be quite a nuisance for Bunwing, but although Abraxas proved to be very powerful, she/he also had a weak spot for beer and adventuring. Bunwing decided that the best course of action was to get drunk with Abraxas and offer up a partnership. Well one thing led to another and eventually Bunwing binded Abraxas to her as her familiar, which suited Abraxas just fine because there was much beer and adventure to be had at Bunwing’s side. And so a bond was forged (or at least blurrely agreed to) and Bunwing and her familiar have been adventuring together ever since.


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