The Long Marches

Zombie Night

The Bunwing Speaks

So there I was with Shyla in the middle of the night, the moon shining brightly above us and the wind howling over the barren landscape, when I heard a sound off in the distance. Now mind you, I was only volunteering for this watch because Shyla looked like she needed someone tough to give her a little backbone AND I was only cuddling huddling close for warmth because it was cold and my ears were a little itchy, I was only using her for warmth and ear scratches you understand.

Anyway, at a sound off in the distance, I squeezed out of her arms and stretched my bat wings out to the night, scooping the frigid air underneath them and flapping a couple of times to take off. I didn’t really explain what I was doing to Shyla so she started making these frightened squeaking noises. It was irritating. After gaining a bit of height, the wind was even more fierce and I had to fight against it while it combed furiously through my blue fir sending shivers down my spine. I decided to go into Cheshire mode, disappearing into the night sky in case I was spotted as a silhouette against the moon. A handy skill that fell into my paws due to a reckless magic experiment. As I navigated my way closer to the source of the sound, my senses began to pick up various worrisome tidbits of information. My floppy ears picked up groans and shuffling sounds, my pink button nose smelled the stench of rotting flesh, my black shiny dark eyes recorded the jerky movements of human shaped objects, and my fluffy cotton tail . . . well, it was waggling mainly because I was cold, it wasn’t really much help . . . .All of this told me that Zombies were on their way towards my unsuspecting companions.

I flew back post haste to awaken the crew, Shyla was already there, presumably because she was too scared to stand out in the dark by herself. She was trying to both wake-up and burry herself underneath Eden (to hide?). I sounded the general alarm and my companions and my lazy ass beer loving familiar Abraxas finally roused themselves from slumber. To their credit they were ready very quickly and we dispatched the Zombies without much trouble. I have to say, for an archer, Ursus did rather poorly, perhaps he should have let his invisible friend Smokey take a stab at it (snicker). Eden was badass, she really gave one of the Zombies a good blast and Shyla dispatched a couple of them right off the bat, I think her fear exploded with deadly force. There was also a valiant save/self-sacrifice attempted by Commodore A Tari, who also managed to give the Zombies a good womp or two. Yours truly of course did brilliantly, I wasn’t appointed as an agent of The Three for my dashing good looks. To give Ursus a little credit he did cut one of the Zombies down with his broadsword, but only after the rest of us had pretty much killed him already. I don’t really see why Abraxas is so fond of him. All in all, it was a rather exciting evening.


swdunlop Bunwing

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