The Long Marches

Side Story -- The Professor and the Cavalier

Atari has spend these few days among the Kobolds, studying their intuitive grasp of advanced mechanical principles and how they can turn simple timber and rivets into frighteningly sadistic traps for the undead. In exchange, the Kobolds have been studying /him/, a walking trap, and an ideal for a race craving even footing against the Biggers.

The Kobolds have faced increasingly organized sieges every new moon by the Dead. These sieges dissipate each morning. Rikkit has organized a series of mazes, deadfalls, pit traps and baffles to slow their advance and give the Kobold slingers time to work.

Atari also notices that Rikkit bears an ancient human shield with the device of a famous general, and suspects that it may have something to do with his distinctly un-Kobold leadership skills.


swdunlop swdunlop

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