The Long Marches

Kobold Diplomacy

Investigating the zombies, Shyla determines that there was no divine magic involved in their creation. They seem to be linked to the Long Marches themselves. The adventurers follow a ridgeline and discover the survivors of a caravan struggling with heavy packs of valuables stagging towards the village.

The merchants and sellswords tell the players about a strange pit trap further up the road, with their mangled wagon at the bottom. They salvaged what they could and struck out for the village on foot. Continuing onwards, the players discover that a band of Kobolds appear to be scavenging the remaining timber and bulk goods from the wagon, led by Rikkit, a “cavalier among Kobolds.”

Much confusion follows, as the players try to stop the Kobolds, the Kobolds try to buy time for their engineers to escape, and Rikkit alternately bashed, electrocuted and healed by the adventurers in the confusion. A parley follows, with the players interrogating the bewildered Rikkit.

It is discovered the the Kobolds have been waylaying wagons to scavenge timber and iron to fortify the Bolt, a decrepit old Keep. The Kobolds have had problems with the undead as well, and feel increasingly threatened.

A pact is struct, with the Kobolds escorting wagons through the Moors in exchange for timber and steel. The adventurers return to the village to investigate why Zombies are rising from the moors.

Back the the village, the adventurers are greeted by Sybele and an incredulous Andrik. Sybele seems to know something of the history of the Long Marches, and recommends the players seek out Mad Dmitri, an Elven hermit.


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