The Long Marches

Hell Hath No Fury Like an Apprentice Scorned!

Our adventurers spend their first night in the Whispering Tree Inn. Eden seduces an entire sellsword band at one table while Abraxas charms a local merchant, both seeking information about Mad Dmitri. Dmitri is notorious as an illusionist in the Elven Queen’s court and teacher, driven into exile as his madness worsened. Ursus spots the local druid, Pavel, nursing a beer in the corner, and strikes up a conversation. Pavel knows Dmitri, and says he is usually found in the Hollow Woods, a petrified forest near the Spider Wood.

In the Hollow Woods, the players catch up to a band of Unseelie dark elves dragging what appears to be Dmitri, heavily manacled and muzzles with black iron. Shyla attempts to sweet talk the Drow into giving up their captive for interrogation, and negotations go typically sour – combat ensues.

Irina, the matron of the band, is quickly burned down by a blast acid by Bunwing, but not before her dark magic twists Ursus into attacking the unsuspecting Abraxas – nearly killing him, too. The battle is quickly brought into hand as the disorganized males are defeated by the adventurers who are quickly coming into their own.

The players are left with an insane illusionist and his iron hardware.


swdunlop swdunlop

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