The Long Marches

A Mind Used Up

Atari catches up to the band just as they finish dispatching a Drow warband. The adventurers are confronted with an insane illusionist, shackled and muzzled for their protection, and the dilemma that they need information that only he has. A mixture of Twenty Questions and interrogation ensues, along with a very public discussion about Dmitri and how to handle him. A decision is made to release the iron muzzle after a number of ambiguous yes/no answers.

Dmitri immediately starts to take advantage of the situation by weaving in a ritual with his answers, masking them from all but Eden. Noone is surprised that he is having fun at their expense, but everyone is surprised when Petrified Spiders descend from the Hollow Forest. A brutal combat ensues, for a few rounds, until the party realizes that Dmitri is in control of this, and strikes a bargain — to release him in exchange for a cessation of hostilities and more answers. Dmitri pouts and agrees.

It is identified that the key to the Dead rising is a Ward deep below the Bolt has been knocked out of alignment. This Ward is from an ancient Age where the Elven Queen adjusted the Long Marches to exhaust human marines marching on her from the east.

The adventurers discover Rikkit is preparing for the Deaders’ return with the New Moon. He quickly rigs a rope to help the party down to the Ward, and fortifies it into a proper elevator while they sort through the challenge of getting a Drow terrified of the dark into a dungeon.

The problem is identified, and the party returns to anchor the barbican against the increasingly organized Legions of dead humans. The battle ends with the dead returning to the moors for the last time. The Kobolds erect a series of very visual traps explaining “No Touch” and form a sort of Kobold tourist attraction.

The party returns, victorious, to the Barrows, and have to explain to Andrik why the hell they left the Ward of the Long Marches in the claws of Kobolds..


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