The Long Marches

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Our intrepid adventurers arrive at the Barrows, a tavern on the Long Marches and meet Andrik, tavern keep and retired headhunter. Discovering that all the local adventurers are committed, and a mostly empty tavern, the company is sent after bandits who have seized three shipments of Sybele’s hops. In exchange, they have been offered the Barrows Pact, an implicit understanding of integrity and disrepute. (And one night of all the beer Abraxas can drink.)

Commodore reaches out to the local merchants and discovers more about how the bandits operate, using pit traps to capture their wagons in deep pits and letting the impossibility of retriving the goods and transporting them divest merchants of their goods. No bandits have been sighted, leaving their identity a mystery.

Halfway to the last known ambush, the company has set up camp for the night and discovered that the Long Marches has a zombie problem.


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