The Long Marches is a 13th Age campaign that explores the hinterlands south of the Spider Wood.


  • Commodore A’Tari — The Only Manually Operated Dwarf-Forged
  • Shyla — The Only Drow Scared of the Dark
  • Bunwing — The Only Bunny With a Human Familiar, (Abraxas)
  • Ursus — The Only Ranger With an Invisible Friend, (Smoky)
  • Eden — Knows the Day She Dies (But the Player Doesn’t)



  • the Bolt — a nest of kobolds defending the Long Marches
  • The Dead — a plague of the undead rising from the moors.


  • “I am an agent of the Three, how dare you snuggle me?!”
  • “Parley?” zzap “NO PARLEY!”

The Long Marches

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